1. Your attendance fee includes a free fitting set to use with patients.

2. Our speakers will follow up with our attendees at regular intervals to help you and your staff navigate any bumps in the road as you launch your OrthoK/Myopia Management practice to new heights.

3. Our theory portions are science based and we will show you how to apply this valuable research into practical every day use. That’s because…

4. Our speakers are private practitioners, just like you. Everyday they go down into the trenches and deal with third party plans, reduced reimbursements, online shoppers, staff issues, and snow in their parking lots!

5. No, this is not a free webinar. WE’RE LIVE! You can ask the questions you need answers to and get answers you understand and can use. Between them; Matthew, Tom and Rob have over 50 years of OrthoK experience and are internationally recognized speakers.

6. And, because there is a fee involved, your first two OrthoK fits are at no charge to your practice to make them (and you) successful in corneal reshaping. As get you comfortable with fee presentation, signing up patients for their OrthoK programs, and turning this part of your practice into a cash paying profit center, your first 2 patients will more than “pay your way” to this meeting.

7. The OrthoK network in the U.S. is relatively small. Our meeting will give you the opportunity to meet other like-minded practitioners. Our pre-meeting dinner reception, lab tour, and of course the seminar itself will allow for a free-flow of useful ideas that are shared in a group learning environment.

8. Every, and we mean every type of form, program write up, parent lecture, pediatrician in-service lecture, marketing idea; in fact everything we use everyday to be successful in OrthoK will be given to you at our meeting on a thumb drive. Just paste your practice’s name over ours and get your programs launched without having to reinvent the rocket ship!

9. Do you remember when you were excited about Optometry? Rob, Tom, and Matthew exude the kind of enthusiasm that will get you excited about your profession again!

10. And, the best reason to come to our meeting: Your mission is to manage myopia. Our mission is to help you IMPLEMENT myopia management.