The Implementation Equation

We’ve all been to great meetings. We take copious notes. We say to ourselves, “This is the next direction I take my practice”!

Then we get back into our offices. It’s Monday, our first patient is late, our second patient is early, our lead assistant is out sick, and all thoughts of this great new direction goes onto the back burner. And, that burner is not even turned on. Sound familiar?

Well, it doesn’t just happen to you. It is the most common cause for new program inertia. Life; our businesses, our patients, our families, even the dog gets in the way.

A year later you find those notes. Maybe you take an afternoon to finally try to develop that program. But by this time, some key elements are lost. What did that lecturer say to do in this or that instance? Is this item as important as I once thought it was? How can I even think about doing this when some time has gone by? More inertia.

At Mission Myopia Management, our mission is to help you achieve yours. We want to take everything you’ve learned about myopia management; no matter how little or extensive your knowledge is, and get your program launched!

Included in Mission Myopia Management’s program are all the forms, contracts, marketing materials, parent lectures, pediatrician lunch and learns; everything so you don’t have to invent the wheel. Just put your logo and masthead into the materials on our thumb drive and get on with your life.

Not sure how to handle certain cases? Need help with troubleshooting difficult situations? Unsure what that topography is trying to tell you? Saying all the right things but the parents still won’t sign up? Staff or associates not on board? Not only are these issues addressed at our seminar, but we keep working with after our meeting. We will go the extra mile to help make myopia management your specialty.

Your mission is to control myopia. Our mission is to help you control myopia management.