Here’s a Freebee:

I’d like to think I could get all of Chicagoland to my door just by telling my existing patients how great OrthoK is. Unfortunately, that really isn’t the case. No matter how much external marketing you do, like most things Optometric, it is the internal marketing and more specifically, the word of mouth referrals which will attract new patients to you like moths to a flame.

To that end, whenever we first reach a good endpoint for OU acuity; whether that is 20/15, 20/20, or even 20/25, we print up a topographical difference map for just one eye (we pick the best looking one to do this). This map can also be printed on an 8 ½ x 11 magnetic sheet, which are easily found on the internet.

On the topo we handwrite the patient’s BVA and how long they have been on the program. We then staple a business card to it.

Lastly, I give this to the parent and ask them to put it on their refrigerator so that when their friends are over, they can tell them all about our program and give them one of my cards.

I also let them know that we reward referrals. Getting the word out on OrthoK takes some creativity, but the rewards for doing so is a thriving specialty practice.