An entire day of education focused on myopia management and orthokeratology with an emphasis on practical, useful knowledge that you can immediately apply to launch your program.

Every type of form, program write up, parent lecture, pediatrician in-service lecture, marketing idea; everything we use everyday will be given to you at our meeting on a thumb drive.

Your attendance fee includes a free demo set to use with patients allowing you to get started the day you get home.

Your first two Ortho K fits are at no charge to your practice to make them (and you) successful in corneal reshaping.

Guided tour of the facility with the people who create the ortho k lens designs that will assure your fitting success.

Meet like-minded practitioners at our pre-meeting reception and dinner, hosted by our vendor Lab Host.

In order to keep the flow of ideas moving our host will also serve breakfast and lunch during the meeting.

To jumpstart the launch of your myopia management / ortho-k program, a complimentary 30 minute one on one consultation personalized to your practice is also included.

Program fee is $1500.

Group practices please contact us for special pricing.

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Per FTC rules, Mission Myopia Management makes no claims as to the efficacy of Ortho-K, Atropine, or Multifocal Soft Lenses to slow or prevent progressive Myopia.

Our only claim is that we will put forth every effort to make this specialty successful in your practice.