What is the Road to Mastery in OrthoK?

Orthokeratology and Myopia Management is like any specialty in Optometry, it requires more than a passing glance and the occasional implementation. Do you desire to master OrthoK, dabble in it, or just hack around?

The road to Mastery in OrthoK is not one every doctor is willing to travel. This road isn’t always straight. Sometimes we will find ourselves parked on the side of the road and even when we don’t experience forward progress, we know we still have a journey before us and not continuing on would seem foolhardy. And, though relaxing on the side of the road is comfortable for a time, we know a commitment to mastery in this specialty is an ongoing journey of learning and professional growth. In fact, our road to Mastery is endless but it is the travel itself that can be the most fulfilling.

The Dabbler and Hacker

In his book, Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment, George Leonard introduces us to personalities who are not on the master’s journey.

The Dabbler is always on the look-out for the next new thing; the newest piece of equipment or treatment du jour. Dabblers constantly look for new modes of transportation on the road to Mastery and once they’ve gone some distance, park it on the side of the road and shop for the next new and shiny way to reach some destination even they can’t define.

The Hacker is willing to stay on the roadside for an entire career. A Hacker doesn’t mind skipping stages essential to the development of Mastery. Hackers will seek out other Hackers. If he or she goes to a professional meeting, they will spend their time on their cell phone, probably take extra-long breaks and leave early, and talk to those around them instead of really listening to those who are trying to elevate them.

Get on the Road to Mastery

It’s never too late to start this trip. Leonard tells us, “Mastery isn’t reserved for the super- talented or even those who are fortunate enough to have gotten an early start. It’s available to anyone who is willing to get on the path and stay on in—regardless of age, sex, or previous experience. Enough delay. It’s time to get packed and get on the (road).

What’s your Next Step?

Our next Mission Myopia Management Seminar is happening soon. Go to our registration page and on start a fantastic trip.